About us

I’ve had a passion for jewelry and all things girly my entire life. Many customers can see this from a small sampling of my vintage Barbie collection that I display in the shop.

For over 20 years I worked in the banking industry by day and sold sterling silver jewelry from my home. It was important for me to offer nice jewelry at an affordable price for my friends and neighbors. My dream of owning a store was finally realized when The Silver Box opened its doors on March 27, 2004. Business quickly grew and we found ourselves in need of a larger space. You can now find us at our happy corner of Main & Botetourt.

I am truly blessed by the loyalty of our customers and appreciate the support we continue to receive. I am convinced The Silver Box has the best customers. We work hard to do everything we can for them and give back to our community. I continue to strive to offer jewelry and gifts at that “touch me look and grab me price!”

– Martha